norman manley
This photo is reproduced here with the permission of its photographer: Norman Marriott. All rights are reserved.

The Rt. Hon. Norman Washington Manley, Statesman
by Alvin Marriott
Cast bronze, edition size unknown
Norman Manley was a powerful and highly educated politician who was essential to the independence of Jamaica and the formation of a new government. Born in 1893, he was a gifted athlete and Rhode Scholar. Norman Manley was a well traveled and ambitious young man who returned to Jamaica after graduating from Oxford with honors. In the late 30's, he helped create the political party that began the movement toward self-government. This goal was achieved in 1959 when the Jamaican government became responsible for handling its internal affairs, prior to independence. Monuments stand at the sites of Norman Manley's birth in Manchester and his grave at National Heroes Park. He died in 1969 and later was awarded The Order of National Hero, Jamaica's highest honor.

Source: National Library of Jamaica
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