Alexander Bustamante
This photo is reproduced here with the permission of its photographer: Norman Marriott. All rights are reserved.

The Rt. Hon. Sir Alexander Bustamante, Prime Minister
by Alvin Marriott
Cast bronze, edition size unknown
Alexander Bustamante was a restless, largely self-taught and adventurous young man born of mixed parentage in 1884 who would lead Jamaica as its first Prime Minister. He was a distant relative and contemporary of Norman Manley who set off to travel and work in Cuba, Latin America and the U.S. Alexander Bustamante held various jobs and is believed to have made a great deal of money speculating on Wall Street. After returning to Jamaica, he became very active in the trade unions and acquired a reputation as an advocate for the poor and powerless. Alexander Bustamante established his own trade union in 1939, which was very effective at securing gains for its members. Later in the 40's, he followed Manley's example and formed the Jamaica Labour Party from his union members. When Jamaica became independent in 1962, Alexander Bustamante became its first Prime Minister. He died in 1977 a National Hero.

Source: National Library of Jamaica
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