portrait painters 1
oil on canvas, 20" x 24"
Portrait Painters

Nowadays there is some confusion as to what constitutes a good work of art. Depending on who you're talking to, that simple shape on canvas may be evidence of genius or an indication of the decline of civilization. Start talking prices and the confusion only increases.

The world of portrait painters however, remains steady and understandable. Prices are stated up-front and are usually a function of size, complexity and the notoriety of the portrait painter. Most portrait painters work directly with the client although some work through a third party, such as a portrait broker or a gallery. A portrait painter usually has his own style of painting but the client can review previous work and make his or her own judgement. There is plenty of independent information to review: Magazines such as "American Artist" routinely print articles on the subject and compile them into special publications.

America has produced a outstanding fraternity of inveterate portrait painters who paint politicians and corporate giants. There is also an emerging group of portrait painters like myself whose work is a bit more affordable.

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