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face facial casting
Face Casting

in Preparation for
Plastic Surgery
by Brian R. Owens

Brian Owens can use his methods and materials to help you prepare for plastic surgery by sculpting your face the way that you want it to look. Exactly how this is done is described further below.

Naturally, there are limits to what plastic surgeons can do. My understanding is that plastic surgery is not an exact science. Unlike the sculptor, the plastic surgeon does not have complete control over the outcome. You should probably do your research and your goals should be realistic. But at least this approach can supplement your verbal description of what you want. Your surgeon has powerful computer-based imaging tools but a facial casting is something that you can rotate in your hand instead of rotate on a screen. Yes it's just a "reference", but it's a reference that you control because you directed the making of it.

This approach may not be necessary if your surgery is very straightforward. But if you feel the need for this type of clarity or if you are planning a second attempt at a plastic surgury that didn't work for you the first time around, then this tool may be a good idea. If you like, Owens can provide you with two facial castings: One of your face as it is now and one that is sculpted per your directions for the purpose of comparison and discussion with your surgeon.

The process of face casting (facial casting) is straightforward and uses methods and materials that are proven to be safe and are widely used.
face casting 2

Illustration of a facial casting
ready to be sculpted per the Client's directions.
Made from a hard industrial plastic.
How it's Done

Owens will begin by making a mold of your face. This takes less than an hour. Don't worry - the rubber will not stick to your hair and eyebrows. Just wear some old clothes.

He will then use the mold to cast a hard plastic replica of your face while you take a break. Then he will sculpt the casting by removing plastic and adding clay as required under your direction, until you are satisfied. This can all be done in a day.

The sculpting is done but what you have now is a combination of plastic and clay, which is not very durable. So you will probably part company, giving Owens time to duplicate your sculpted casting in hard plastic. If you like, he can also use the time to make a casting of your face the way it looks now so that you have a "before" and "after". All of this takes time, so you will likely take delivery on another day.

You are welcome to bring your companion and favorite music. Usually, face casting (facial casting) is done at Owens' studio but he can travel to you if you like for an additional charge.

Owens would be happy to answer all of your questions. Please contact him directly for more information and prices.

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